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70% Alcohol Hand Hygiene Gel

70% ethanol hand sanitiser Kills 99.99% of bacteria is ideal for distributors or for retail and commercial environments looking to

Alcohol Free Hand Hygiene Gel 5L

Up to 99.999% kill rate on viruses such as all coronaviruses, SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, Clostridium Difficile Odourless and alcohol free Can

Harrington Hand Sanitiser 80% Alcohol 500ml

Our Harrington Hand Sanitiser comes in 500ml bottles and use a unique World Health Organization approved formula with 80% ABV

Ineos Hand Gel 50ml

An essential pocket sized item. Hand sanitise on the go.

New Genn Foam Hand Wash 500ml

Excellent cleansing action. Leaves hands soft and smooth. Favoured in settings where occupational dermatitis is common. Created from natural plant

New Genn Hand Rub 5 Litres

Foam Hand Rub works rapidly against bacteria and other microbes, including even the most dangerous hospital super-bugs. Derived from coconut

Safe Working Bundle

Our most popular bundle of PPE products. Ineos 250 ml Sanitiser 10 x Type IIR Medical Face Mask Reusable Safety

Sychem Alcho Gel 5 Litres

  Ideal for use on entering food production areas, or before handling food Skin friendly when compared to other alcohol

Sychem Alcho Gel 500ml

Contains tea tree oil Ethanol 75% Alco Gel  is an effective ready to use hand sanitiser, designed to combat gram

Virucidal Mydis Alcohol Free 5 Litre Hand Sanitiser

Highly effective virucidal alcohol free sanitising solution tested against enveloped viruses Whilst alcohol is traditionally an effective disinfectant, alcohol-based solutions